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School Fees 2022

Catherine McAuley College provides a comprehensive curriculum, experienced and dedicated staff and contemporary resources and facilities to meet the educational needs of students. To support the provision of outstanding educational service to the community, the College, governed by Mercy Education Ltd, sets an appropriate fee level. Justice to all requires that fee levels be equitable, while in the tradition of Mercy compassion is shown to those in need.

Families with one student

Annual Family Fees: $6,180

  • Per Week: $119.00
  • Per Fortnight: $238.00
  • Per Month: $515.00
  • Per Term: $1,545.00

Families with two or more students

Annual Family Fees: $12,360

  • Per Week: $238.00
  • Per Fortnight: $476.00
  • Per Month: $1,030.00
  • Per Term: 3,090.00

Each year the College fees are reviewed and approved by the College Advisory Council to ensure any fee increases are kept to a minimum. Family Fees cover tuition, ICT (laptop) levy, camps, excursions, reflection days and retreats.

Please note: Whilst the cost of fees includes camps, excursions, reflection days and retreats, refunds do not apply for non-attendance at any of these activities.

Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

To ensure our students remain as leaders in technology the College provides a laptop to all students. The cost to provide laptops and technology infrastructure is included in the Family Fees.

In addition to the laptop, students are provided with carry bag, a comprehensive collection of educational software, extended warranty, comprehensive insurance cover, full service and maintenance conducted by College technicians. Please note: Pro rata refunds do not apply where students leave the College during the year. Year 9 and Year 12 students will have the option of purchasing their laptop at the end of the year. Students not choosing to purchase their laptop will be expected to return their device to the College. Any damages will be invoiced on the fee account.

Billing Arrangements

Fee statements will be sent to families in February 2022.

Payment Arrangements

Instalment payments of fee accounts are to be paid by direct debit. Families who wish to pay fees for 2022 as a lump sum are asked to do so by 15 December 2021.

Direct debit options are as follows:

  • 52 Weekly payments commencing 07/01/2022
  • 26 Fortnightly payments commencing 07/01/2022
  • 26 Fortnightly payments commencing 14/01/2022
  • 12 Monthly payments commencing 14/01/2022
  • 4 Term payments commencing on 04/02/22

The 2022 Direct Debit Fee Payment Schedule is available to download below or click here.

If any of these dates fall on a Public Holiday, the direct debit will be processed on the preceding business day.

A letter and fee calculation will be forwarded to all families prior to the end of November 2021. This will detail the amounts that will be processed from the nominated date. Please ensure the College is notified if any of the details in this correspondence are incorrect.

This calculation will relate to the Family Fees only. Other subject fees will be included on the booklist. If students exit the College prior to the end of the school year, one term’s fees from date of written exit notification are required in addition to any arrears.

For more information, you can access our Enrolment Policy, School Fee Policy and School Fee Collection Policy via the links below.

If you have any further queries, please call the Finance Office on 5445 9191.

Fee Difficulties

If you experience difficulties paying fees in 2022, the College is open to discussing your individual circumstances. Assistance is available in the form of a concession on Family Fees where genuine need exists. Confidentiality is assured.

Enquiries (03) 5445 9191;

Finance Manager: Nicole Woodman
Accounts Receivable Officer: Janelle Metherell

(Information current at 1/11/2021)