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Enrolment Policy

Catherine McAuley College welcomes enrolment enquiries from all families who seek a Catholic education for their children in Bendigo and beyond. Our College is open and welcoming to all students, regardless of their background and needs, and will seek to do everything possible to accommodate.

Catherine McAuley College strives for strong partnerships with the families and the parishes it serves. Families who choose to enrol their children at Catherine McAuley College do so on the understanding that they are expected to uphold and foster the Mercy Education Values of compassion, courage, hospitality, justice, respect and service. Families will be asked to recognise the importance of Religious Education for their children through supporting the prayer life and other religious celebrations and spiritual development opportunities.

Numbers for each class are set by the College administration in accordance with the guidelines established by the Catholic Education Office. If there are vacancies the following priorities are observed:

  • Children baptised in the Catholic Faith from a Catholic school
  • Children baptised in the Catholic Faith from a non-Catholic School
  • Siblings of current students at Catherine McAuley College
  • Baptised other Christian Faith tradition from a Catholic school
  • Non Baptised students, but have had the majority of their primary schooling in a Catholic school
  • Other Christian Faith students from a non-Catholic school
  • Non baptised students from other primary and secondary schools

Enrolment Process for Parents

  1. Parents obtain an ‘Enrolment Application Form’ from the College Registrar
  2. Parents complete and return the Enrolment Application Form. This must include photocopies of the student’s birth certificate, baptism certificate, copies of Court Orders or Parenting Plans, and, for students born overseas, a copy of their passport including Visa and date of entry stamp. Please note that applications cannot be processed without these documents
  3. Documents are sent to College Registrar who checks forms and all relevant documents. You may be contacted to gain additional or missing information
  4. Parents and students are invited to attend an interview at the College
  5. The Principal advises all applicants of the success or otherwise of their applications
  6. Parents will be sent a Confirmation of Enrolment Acceptance, Medical Information and Consent, Confirmation of Financial Commitment, and Request for Direct Debit forms
  7. To secure enrolment, parents/guardians must return the above forms and an enrolment deposit
  8. Parents will be required to attend an information session prior to the year of admission