During their six-year journey at Catherine McAuley College, students will attend a variety of camps and retreats. In addition to the whole year level activities, there are many opportunities to attend camps in areas ranging from social justice to politics, arts and outdoor education.

Getting to know fellow students and staff in their year level is the focus of Year 7 Camp. Taking part in a fun range of camp activities early in Term 1 is the ideal way to make new friends and start to feel ‘at home’ in their year level.

Year 8 students always look forward to the Anglesea Camp where they participate in a wide range of activities, with surfing always a highlight! The life-changing five-day Outdoor Education experience for Year 9 students is a highlight of College life, with the memories treasured well beyond graduation.

Year 10 students travel to Melbourne for an overnight Urban Camp, learning their way around and enjoying a range of cultural activities. For Years 11 and 12 students, the annual retreats allow students to make time for reflection away from regular school life and strengthen relationships with other students and staff.