At Catherine McAuley College we recognise that learning to play a musical instrument is a valuable activity in any student's development. Aside from the pleasure of playing, extensive research shows it is beneficial in the areas of reasoning ability, problem-solving skills, mathematics and language, memory capacity, self-confidence and self-discipline, and social and teamwork skills.

Our instrumental music program gives students the chance to explore playing an instrument both individually and as a co-curricular activity as part of ensembles and bands, to grow a lifelong appreciation of the many styles and genres of music. We are committed to providing a high-quality instrumental music education accessible to all families.

Every Year 7 student at Catherine McAuley College begins their musical journey with an intensive practical program. The Year 7 Program is fully subsidised with no charge for tuition or instrument hire. Students are then encouraged to continue learning an instrument in Years 8 and 9, of which the College provides considerable subsidies.

Year 7s also participate in a concert band that rehearses in class each week, while Year 8 and 9s have the chance to join further concert bands and ensembles. These perform at College Arts events and regional competitions and festivals, which provide experience playing in front of large audiences.

Our students are also invited to perform in events such as the annual Winter Concert and Musician of the Year, both of which are held in our 300 seat theatre at our Coolock campus.