Coolock Years 7-9

The future of work will be increasingly collaborative and global, so it is more important than ever for students to be able to interact and plan collaboratively. Our learning spaces reflect this environment and invite students to share their thinking with their peers and teachers.

Catherine McAuley College provides an integrated, broad and challenging academic curriculum which fosters a passion for learning, develops independent, critical thinkers and focuses on excellence for all students.


At Catherine McAuley College we engage students in an integrated curriculum that is reflective of the skills that will be required in jobs of the future. Students learn to research, design and adapt to a range of real-world problems. Students develop their own learning strategies and processes so that they can adapt to new problems, situations and curriculum in the future. Above all, our students learn how to learn and to be innovative.

Applying skills beyond the classroom

Through community partnerships, students have the opportunity to experience learning that is authentic and realistic. These real-life experiences are critical, for instance students learn about biology and agriculture in a working agriculture space. They learn about allied health in local hospitals and aged care through the iGen program and partnerships with Mercy Health and Australian Catholic University.

Supports and Interventions

There are a range of targeted interventions to support students in developing their literacy and numeracy skills which see students gain confidence to collaborate more readily with their peers and to achieve success across their subjects. Interventions are regularly reviewed through ongoing assessment and feedback to ensure they effectively target individual and group needs.

Learning at Coolock (Years 7 – 9)

Through the junior and middle years programs, students are immersed in education that is inspiring, meaningful and connected.

Foundation Learning: Students focus on the concepts, knowledge and skills of English and Mathematics to continually develop the essentials of literacy and numeracy that underpin all other learning areas.

Hands-On Learning: Students undertake practical and applied learning opportunities through specialist subject areas such as Physical Education, Languages, Agrifutures, Science, Technology and The Arts.

Integrated Learning: Our Veritas program explores ‘truth-seeking’ through thought-provoking themes and connections between Religious Education and Humanities, Humanities.


Employment in the fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is increasing rapidly, as is the need for workers who have combinations of these skills. Our Coolock Campus has a dedicated STEAM space that enables students to apply and develop their skills. Students learn to use a range of modern equipment, including drones, 3D printers and design spaces and make use of their knowledge in a range of applications during their studies.

Instrumental Music Program

Every Year 7 student at Catherine McAuley College participates in a semester-long instrumental program as a part of classroom music. This involves weekly lessons on a brass, woodwind or percussion instrument from a specialist teacher. The College provides students with an instrument to use
during the program.

Agriculture and Animal Care

The Coolock Campus hosts a dedicated Trade Training Centre, focussed on developing students’ skills in Agriculture and Animal Studies. Students engage in these programs at a range of year levels, including having the option of completing senior certificates in Years 10-12.

Co-Curricular Learning

Music, Debating, Sports, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Academic Competitions, Justice Camps, Tournament of Minds and the Frayne Speech Festival are examples of co-curricular opportunities on offer to appeal to the wide range of student interests. We encourage students to have fun, extend their knowledge and skills and discover something new. The College successfully competes in all state and national competitions.