Codes of Conduct

Promoting Respectful Relationships in our Mercy school community

Student Code of Conduct

Inspiring members of our community to be learners impelled to thrive and serve

The Student Code of Conduct provides a framework within which students are able to develop the pro-social behaviours which are acceptable within the broader community and reflect the Mercy Values fundamental to the culture of the College. The Student Code of Conduct provides an outline of the behavioural expectations for students when they are on the school site, moving to and from school, travelling on public and contract transport services and when attending sporting events, school functions, excursions, etc.

Catherine McAuley College Bendigo (CMCB) students are expected to:

  • Follow the directions and instructions of all school staff (teaching and non-teaching).
  • Be considerate of the safety and welfare of themselves and others.
  • Be punctual and prepared for each class with an awareness of specific needs for different classes.
  • Contribute positively to the learning environment by working responsibly, not distracting other students, completing assignments and submitting them on time.
  • Show respect and courtesy to all members of the school community.
  • Respect personal and community property.
  • Show pride in the achievements of themselves and their school.
  • Report any personal concerns whereupon other students, parents or staff have breached related Codes of Conduct in accordance with the CMC Grievance Process located on SIMON.
  • Be well groomed and dressed appropriately, as per the College Dress Code and Expectations.
  • Obey all campus and classroom rules.
  • Respect the rights and privileges of all students, school staff, and volunteers.

Parent Code of Conduct

Mercy Education Ltd


Mercy Education is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment in which it holds the safety and wellbeing of individuals as a central and fundamental responsibility.

Mercy Education Limited (Mercy Education) welcomes and values the active engagement of parents and the wider school community to assist and nurture the care of all children in its care.

The Mercy Education Parent Code of Conduct encourages the development of effective and positive relationships within its school communities. It expects that parents and the wider school community will embrace the Mercy values of Compassion, Justice, Respect, Hospitality, Service and Courage, and respect its traditions and practices.

Each Mercy Education school adopts the Mercy Education Parent Code of Conduct for its school community…

Employees and Volunteers Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct has been developed to provide a framework of appropriate and acceptable behaviour expected of all MEL employees and volunteers in respect of their duties. The principles contained within the Code of Conduct promote MEL’s education values of Compassion, Justice, Respect, Hospitality, Service and Courage.

The Code establishes a standard by which all Mercy Education employees and volunteers:

  • conduct themselves toward each other, including colleagues, children, students, parents, employee representatives, contractors, government authorities and the wider school community
  • perform their duties and obligations as directed by the Board or by the Principal acting as the Board’s delegate in each school
  • fulfil the mission, ethos, goals and objectives of Mercy Education and its schools
  • promote and ensure child and student safety and wellbeing, in a culturally safe school environment or school boarding environment
  • promote and exercise fairness and equity.


If you have a complaint or grievance that you wish to resolve please email