Our College

Welcome to 2021. Our Future Direction focus will be on our reGEN program, working towards a sustainable, just and secure future for the College and our community. We will continue to nurture partnerships and build programs that benefit students and provide opportunities to discover their future pathway.

Following the challenges of last year and early this year, we have an ongoing commitment to keeping our community COVID-safe in the classroom and during all College activities. We are investing in online platforms to support learning, wellbeing and staying connected as a community.

We are excited to continue the iGEN program in partnership with Mercy Health and Australian Catholic University. Year 10 students are engaging in an intergenerational program with residents of a local aged-care home, Mercy Health Bethlehem Home for the Aged.

Along with our other partner organisations, Danihers, Fraynework and CERES we are introducing sustainability into our operations and into the curriculum across the College. The reGEN program will create awareness and an active approach to sustainability, with local solutions. We will work to educate our community about the elements and opportunities of environmental sustainability in our space and how we can impact the broader community and raise awareness. This program is a perfect fit with the theme for the year Mercy for our Common Home.

Learning settings and programs at Catherine McAuley College are innovative, stimulating and inclusive. The Sister Aloysius Martyn Arts Centre at the Coolock Campus together with the Sister Anastasia Vanderfeen Building at St Mary’s reflect the contemporary spaces that are evolving from our Future Direction master plan. The Sr Ana building has a new commercial kitchen and Allied Health learning spaces, as well as a new canteen with indoor and outdoor dining areas. These buildings are complemented by an integrated approach to learning that engages and challenges our students to discover and live their dreams.

2021 will be our fourth year as Catherine McAuley College. Catherine McAuley founded the Sisters of Mercy and was committed to education and serving the poor. Her teaching reflected her faith in God and belief in the Gospel. Students at Catherine McAuley College are encouraged to be lifelong learners, impelled to thrive and serve in a supportive environment.

Catherine McAuley College has been woven into the fabric of Bendigo since 1876 when Sister Aloysius Martyn and the Sisters of Mercy first arrived in Sandhurst from Ireland. With over 140 years of heritage and tradition to draw upon and inspired by the pioneering spirit of our founders, we are committed to continuing their legacy of service, offering an outstanding Catholic education to the families of Central Victoria.

We are dedicated to developing students who are critical and creative thinkers, with the skills to be self-motivated in the pursuit of knowledge. Our students are empowered to see themselves as positive agents of change, who are called to participate actively and ethically in society as young men and women of Mercy.

Mr Brian Turner, Principal