Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) gives voice to the student body and aligns us with all other Mercy Schools around Australia.

The role of this Council is to give authentic voice to the student body regarding current and future directions at our College. It is responsible for organising ways for students to participate in College life and contribute to their school community. The SRC is reflective of the Mercy Values of Compassion, Justice, Respect, Hospitality, Service and Justice.

The collective SRC of the two campuses will comprise forty students.

  • The Year 12 Leadership Team consists of two College Captains, two Faith Captains and six House Captains (10 students).
  • From Years 7 – 11 there will be one representative from each house at each year level (30 students).
  • The Principal may choose to elect additional students at the Year 12 level if he deems them worthy of a Year 12 SRC position.

Leadership is about giving. It’s about helping people and inspiring and motivating them to reach their potential. I believe leaders aren’t born, they’re made and there are so many opportunities given at Catherine McAuley College for even you to step up, be brave and achieve your full potential! Go ahead! Give it a Go!

Holly Normoyle, Year 9 SRC member