Student voice is of great importance and we are always looking for ways to increase participation. This can improve individual confidence and more significantly students’ connection to the College.

There are many opportunities for students to become involved in leadership from Year 7 to Year 12, working with and for the school community. The Student Representative Council (SRC) comprises students from all year levels and provides a structured opportunity for students to raise issues, make recommendations and improve understanding and communication between all members of the College.

Students are consulted about significant developments and the future direction of our College. We nurture a culture that encourages and supports individuals and groups to create change, inspire action and share ideas and opinions.

The SRC is also involved in planning, organising and leading liturgies, assemblies and whole-school events such as Mercy Day and Caritas Ks.


Year 12 Captains

  • Abbey Clohesy, College Captain
  • Tomas Coleman, College Captain
  • Abby Perdon, Faith Captain
  • Deanna Duane, Faith Captain
  • Ellie Donnellon, reGEN Captain
  • Lucy Sheriff, reGEN Captain
  • Toby Costigan, reGEN Captain
  • Maya Flood, reGEN Captain
  • Elizabeth Harper, reGEN Captain
  • David Mill, reGEN Captain

Year 11 SRC members
Tahlia Backman, Sophie Barianos, Gabriel Bradshaw, Lochlan Eastwood, Zachary Gillies, Jonah Holland, Amir Moussa, Jiya Patel, Grace Reading, Claudia Scott, Kearley Stone, Wil Trewick

Year 10 SRC members
Jordyn Aldred, Layne Austen, Elijah Cushing, Caitlin Evans, Emilia Hamilton, Jack Osborne, Tait Poyser, Chloe Smith, Hannah Tyndel, Audrey Turner

Year 9 SRC members
Caitlin Brew, Nathaniel Cawley, Sean Hale, Dervla Parker, Gabrielle Storey, Imogen Shand, Arietta Wilkinson

Year 8 SRC members
Mitchell Cakebread, Ayrton Filippi, Sophie Hughes, Sarah Le Guen, Tristan McFarlane, Ariela Sea, Addison Shand

Year 7 SRC members
Carol Hanna, Ivy Brazill, Ben Whitzell, Isabelle Byrne, Noah Cianco, Chloe Vincent, William Whiteacre, Sam Gibson, Sophie Tyrrell, Charlotte Enever, Zain Al-Rawi, Zara Bibby, Georgia Thompson, Ben Gladman, Jemma McDougall

Leadership is about giving. It’s about helping people and inspiring and motivating them to reach their potential. I believe leaders aren’t born, they’re made and there are so many opportunities given at Catherine McAuley College for even you to step up, be brave and achieve your full potential! Go ahead! Give it a Go! (Holly Normoyle)