Faith, Mission & Social Justice

Our Faith and Mission program provides opportunities for students to realise and explore issues of social justice in our local and global communities. Students are encouraged to be aware of the needs in our community and for our environment, working together to create a just world in the true spirit of Mercy.

Catherine McAuley College is grounded in the teaching of Jesus Christ, as lived through the gospels. We are centred in the Mercy tradition and actively engaged in the community of the Sandhurst Diocese.

The faith life of the students is evident through social justice activities, prayer, liturgy and “mercy in action” each day in the College community.

Inspired by Catherine McAuley’s courage and determination to educate, empower and serve the poor, students are offered opportunities to engage in activities to support both local and global projects, including the Winter Sleep Out, Seeds of Justice conference, leadership days and the annual Caritas Ks Walk.


Loving God,

We ask you to bless Catherine McAuley College

and challenge us to act in the spirit of Catherine.

May we inspire all in our community to be learners impelled to thrive and serve.

Guide our community to live our Mercy Values and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.