Learning for the Future

Catherine McAuley College promotes lifelong learning by encouraging independence, initiative and understanding. This approach encourages critical and creative thinking, which benefits the students’ learning. It builds resilience and social skills, equipping them to make a meaningful contribution to society.

We are committed to Targeted Learning that allows each student to experience personal success. We construct learner profiles based on individual student data which helps cater for specific learning needs.


The curriculum at Catherine McAuley College is based on relevant national, state and diocesan requirements. The curriculum offers a balance of practical and academic subjects to meet the needs and aspirations of each student. Find out more by reading about our domains here

The Martyn Program

The Martyn Program is an integrated curriculum in which students undertake individual learning projects generated by their interests. Their research gives them an authentic voice and allows them to develop skills such as innovation, communication, real-world understanding, creativity and problem solving.

Technology & Learning

We are committed to making use of contemporary technology to enhance student learning. All students are provided with a digital device and we aim to develop responsible citizens, engaging safely and ethically with online resources.

Trade Training Centre

Catherine McAuley College is a member of the local consortium and hosts a Trade Training Centre on site.