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Year 7 Orientation Day


An Orientation Handbook for Year 7 students has been prepared to provide additional support for students and families.

On arrival, Year 7 students will be greeted by staff who will assist them with moving to McAuley Square to begin their day gathered as a year level. During the day they will spend time with their teacher, find out who their classmates are, get to know each other, their rooms and lockers, the campus and how things like timetables work.

Buses will be running on this day, so if you are a bus traveller, you are welcome to catch it on the first day. Staff will also be on hand at the end of the day to assist with those who are travelling home via bus to ensure everyone makes it home safely and on the correct bus.

Students don’t have to bring all of their books and equipment on the first day, they can bring it in over the first couple of days so they are not overloaded on day one.

The Year 7 students will have their school photo taken on the first day, so we look forward to seeing everyone looking their best for their first school photo as a secondary student.