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Uniform requirements


All students must be in full correct winter uniform from Monday 6 May.

Uniform and dress code information is clearly outlined in the brochures below, which are also available on our website:

Students are permitted to mix and match the old and new winter uniform except for Year 7 and 8 students who are to be in complete Catherine McAuley College uniform. Blazers are compulsory during Term 2 and 3 for Years 7 and 8 (after changeover period) and must be worn to and from school. Students may wear the blazer directly over their winter shirt if they feel too hot. Conversely, the blazer may be worn during the school day as an additional layer for warmth.

Sports jackets are not to be worn with academic uniform. The navy soft shell jacket can only be worn with sports uniform. The old maroon jacket can only be worn as an extra layer in winter for warmth with the academic uniform. It may not be worn with the summer uniform except with PE uniform.

The item that requires most clarity is the soft-shell jacket. This item is an optional piece of the CMC sport uniform and should not be worn by Year 7 and 8 students with their formal college uniform. This is based on the premise that these students already have three layers of uniform that can be worn as part of their formal uniform – shirt, jumper and blazer.

This ‘3 layer’ rule is adapted for our Year 9-12 students in the following ways:

  • students may wear their CCB sport jacket to school with their formal uniform
  • where the sport jacket has been replaced with a soft-shell jacket, these students may wear the soft shell as the third layer. Please note that this point is a change to ensure that our Year 9-12 students have the option to wear three layers for warmth in winter. Please note that this is part of the ‘mix and match’ period allowed ONLY as we transition to the full CMC Uniform by 2020. By this time, the soft-shell jacket will exclusively be part of the Sport Uniform.

We thank all families for your support as we transition to our entire College wearing the Catherine McAuley College Uniform.