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UPDATE: Planned Burning will be Sunday 8 November – Strathdale Area


UPDATE: Forest Fire Management Victoria have confirmed the planned burn in the bushland opposite Coolock (behind the trotting tracks) will occur this Sunday. They also advise that the bike track will be closed from Sunday through to Wednesday.

Forest Fire Management Victoria has advised a Planned Burning close to Coolock Campus – please download the letter below for full information.

Burn name: Strathdale Scrub Track

Size: 44 Hectares

Location: 2.3km east of Strathdale

Where: In bushland behind the Trotting Track, opposite Coolock.

When: Confirmed to be Sunday 8 November. Between Thursday 5 November to Thursday 12 November 2020 (depending on weather conditions).

Duration: One day

The bike track that runs through the bushland and comes out opposite Coolock will be blocked off during the burning activity.

There may be smoke in the air on this day, so please ensure your child has their medication if they suffer from asthma or a breathing related condition.