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Pivot – Weekly Wellbeing Check-Ins


CMC is participating in Pivot’s Wellbeing for Learning check-in. This check-in aims to help schools better support student wellbeing and to give students more voice and agency in their learning communities. It has been developed by Pivot Professional Learning (Pivot) under the direction of Pivot’s research team. The Pivot Wellbeing for Learning framework measures student wellbeing in the domains of safety, belonging, and resilience. Robust research evidence links these domains to learning. More information about the tool is available here.

Your child will be asked to participate in a weekly wellbeing check-in during period 1 every Wednesday. In Week 1, teachers spent time introducing the tool to all students across Year 7-12. In Week 2, students will spend five to ten minutes taking a 15-question baseline survey. In the subsequent weeks, your child will spend one minute or less answering five questions. These questions include: a general wellbeing question; a resilience question; a belonging question; a safety question; and a question asking students how they are going in the areas of family, friendships, health, hobbies, schoolwork and sleep.

Your child will have the opportunity to reflect on their wellbeing and learn more about the things that affect how they feel each day. The Wellbeing for Learning check-in also can benefit students as it provides them with a way to communicate if they are finding things hard. Student Advocates and Year Level Leaders will receive real time insights on student wellbeing.

Mrs Alana Burke, Social-Emotional Learning Leader