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Learning adventures of Nala – the CMC Dogs Connect wellbeing dog


Dogs Connect is an innovative learning program, introducing a wellbeing dog into the classroom. It is an Australia-first learning program that helps improve culture in schools by focusing on student wellbeing and connectedness.

The dogs are NOT therapy dogs – they are wellbeing dogs. We include them for engagement, for demonstration, and for staff and students to improve connectedness and mental health.

4 June 2020

Nala Check In – 3

Nala is back at work and we are planning for the Yrs 7-9 students’ return on Tuesday 9 June. We will make sure Nala’s return to school is safe, happy and relaxed, just as yours hopefully will be! Here is a short video made by Grant from Dogs Connect to show you what we have been working on with Nala. Can’t wait to see you next week! Mrs Frawley and Nala.

Learning Focus:

  • Leadership – walking with Halti
  • Making sure school is fun

Nala Check In – 2

Learning Focus:

  • Learning to take the treat gently
  • Building Focus Stamina
  • Learning on the bed
  • Drop it!
  • Why we don’t teach the hand shake
  • We talk normally to Nala – we don’t do baby talk

Nala Check In – 1

Learning Focus:

  • Learning to try not to lick people
  • Practicing the basic routine
  • Learning a new game

It’s very easy to help Nala begin to learn how to relax…

We say ‘Hello’ to the person leading.

(We don’t use the dog’s name.)

We allow lots of space when passing.

(We don’t touch or walk very close.)

We keep moving.

(We don’t stand around and stare.)