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Years 7 & 8 Food Tech


Both Year 7s and Year 8s have produced their own customised Jacket Potatoes in Food Technology.

Jacket potatoes

We designed our own toppings by mixing and creating toppings to our liking. The things I used were; garlic, onion, beef mince, bacon, sour-cream, spinach, margarine, tomato, cheese, the potato and cucumber.

My partner Jess used; garlic, onion, beef mince, lettuce, margarine, chives, avocado, salsa, cheese and a potato. Jess and I decided to make a little tweak to the recipe, so I made us some garlic butter with the margarine and the garlic cloves.

Jess called her potato Spud, because it was small. I called mine Jacket-Supreme because it had lots of items in it. We really enjoyed the task because of all the ingredients we’d put in were things we’d chosen for ourselves and the task was creative.

Jess and I worked well on everything because we used our time well and we surprisingly didn’t burn down the Food Technology kitchen. We were extremely proud of our Jacket Creations.

Liza Jacobs