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Year 9 News



In our recent assembly we highlighted some great successes occurring in and out of the classroom. This year we introduced two new awards to our assemblies which are present to a student in each hub. The awards are as follows:

  • GRIT Awards – Presented to a student that has shown courage and determination in their learning.
  • Endeavour Awards – Presented to a student who has made an attempt to achieve a set goal.

The following students won these awards, along with a voucher to the canteen.

Grit Awards
Hub A – Siarne Cass
Hub B – Louise Licastro
Hub C – Morgan House

Endeavour Awards
Hub A – Flynn Watchman
Hub B – Jordan Franks
Hub C – Lucas Kennedy

In addition, we affirmed the great work students are doing wearing the correct uniform as well as looking after our Year 9 locker spaces with the changes that were made this Term to the area. We concluded with a short clip titled ‘If You Want to Change the World, Start Off by Making Your Bed’ which focussed on doing the small things right in life, and how they accumulate into a lot of great things. We will have another assembly later this term.

Mr Kerrin Smith, Year 9 Learning Leader

Bendigo Tech School

Throughout Term 3, Year 9 students have had the opportunity to engage in programs delivered at the Bendigo Tech School. The Bendigo Tech School is a centre of deep learning that uses leading-edge technology, discovery and innovation to solve real world problems.

The three- day program encouraged students to work in small teams and introduced students to processes through a student-directed project based on Tourism. Each team was tasked with selecting a tourist destination in Bendigo and their project utilised design thinking and reflective practices, to develop efficient ways of solving real-world problems with their peers.

Many students succeeded in creating their first Augment Reality app after just one day. They spent the next two days intensely following the Design Process and created an app to enhance a Bendigo landmark.

Students enjoyed seeing their ideas come to life by learning about and harnessing the array of technological processes the Tech school has on offer through green screening media production, design software and augmented reality as well as other innovative technology.

Students developed problem statements to enable deeper understanding of the target audience and researched which aspects they wanted to include in their Augmented Reality experience. The innovative programs have provided our students with engaging, real life experiences to enhance the STEAM education within their Veritas studies, and complimented the skills and concepts presented in Science, Technology and Mathematics classes.

Ember Chittenden, Interdisciplinary Learning Leader

Year 9 Food Tech – Gourmet Pizza

Year 9 Food Tech students worked in groups of 4 to create their own pizzas, including making the pizza dough and selecting the toppings. After the pizzas were cooked and were assessed, each member of the group will taste and sensory-evaluate all 4 pizzas from the group.

The recipe is in the Download box below for you to try at home.

Mrs Jo Jan, Teacher

Flynn Wade Roberts: “I liked it, I didn’t like the cleaning up part”

Oliver Mayman: “Tasted Pretty Good”

Hugh Morris: “I ate it, I liked it!”

Arkie Donnelly: “Mmmm, tasty”

Ciarah Wilson: “The Gourmet Pizzas are very colourful and full of flavour, and I had fun making them”

Louise Licastro: “Good food. Really enjoyed making it”