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Year 9 News


Veritas – Stewardship and Sustainability

In Veritas throughout Term 1, Year 9s have been focusing on Stewardship and Sustainability, and how we can have an effect on the world. This links in with Mercy for our Common Home, our theme for 2020. We have learnt about ecology, sustainable development, and human effect on the world.

We learned how to take notes using the Cornell note taking method, and have watched videos about biomes, climate change, greenhouse gasses and where they come from. We also spent some time learning about Laudato Si, the Pope’s encyclical meaning praise be to you. It is about the environment, and what is happening to it.

We wrote Journal Entries responding to various questions and have learnt a lot of new skills about writing, taking notes, and much more this Term.

Chloe Smith, Year 9

Media – Light Room

In Term 1 Year 9 Media, we have been using the digital cameras to practice the use of Aperture and Depth of Field. We have taken photos and then been learning skills to manipulate the photos using Adobe Lightroom to create different versions.

This consists of ageing photos, spot colour, auto fix and desaturated colour. Our Assessment task is to collaborate all our photos into a digital portfolio, presenting all our hard work throughout the term!

Maggie Keating, Sophie Giles and Matilda Cathary, Year 9