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Year 9 News – 20 June 2024


It’s been a busy time for Year 9s over the last few weeks. Music and choir performances, Reconciliation Mass, presentations for Safe on Social, Careers information, excursions and guest speakers for Health & PE.

Congratulations to all the Year 9 participants in the Reconciliation Mass and/or recent Bendigo Music competitions: Sadie Field, Grace Bradshaw, Lauchlan Campbell Pollard, Cade McClellan, Eoin O’Grady, Sam Parry, Lukas Toman, Jamie Dearricott, Caitlin Watson, Dannah Daley, Sadie Field, Lukas Toman, Elyssa Bhowon, Gus Brook, Jenna Smith, Maggie Lamb and Andrew Cameron.

Special mention to Elyssa Bhowon who competed in four events at the Eisteddfod with the following results:

  • 14 years – under 16 years: Performance Showcase Vocal Solo Champion
  • Two first places, one second place and one third place

State Cross Country

Congratulations to our own Grace Mulqueen who recently competed at the State Cross Country Championships. Grace was a member of the under 15 relay team that placed first.

Mrs Jan Lake and Mr Jack Timmins, Year Level Learning Leaders – Year 9

Student comments on recent Year 9 events

“In the previous few weeks, our Year 9 students have participated in some extra-curricular events such as wheelchair basketball, our Reconciliation Mass and learning about healthy intimate relationships.  These events allow us to represent our school and better ourselves.”

“Our Year 9 classes were very lucky to have the opportunity to participate in wheelchair basketball at the Red Energy Arena.  It was fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  This was part of our Disability & Inclusion Sports PE unit, as well as blind cricket and other sports for the visually impaired.”

“Wheelchair basketball was a great chance to experience what it would be like to have a disability.  It was lots of fun to try something we haven’t experienced and learn some new skills.  We all had such a good time with our friends but also learnt many things about wheelchair basketball.”

“In the first couple of weeks of Term 2, my class went to places such as Anglicare and Yo Bendigo to talk about mental health.  They were important because it showed me the importance on keeping my mental health good.  The people at these places were kind and happy to talk to you about your mental health.”

“The Safe on Social presentation was a great experience. I gained loads of information about some of the laws and what is legal and illegal activities. Overall, I would recommend this to all teens to help stay safe and it would be great for all ages to help them learn.”

“This year the Year 9s attended a Safe on Social talk.  We  learnt about online safety, cyberbullying and places we can go to get help along with laws regarding online safety.  This talk was informative and very helpful for learning what can happen online and where we can get help.”

“Wheelchair Basketball was a great experience for my class to experience as it gave us a look at how people using wheelchairs play basketball. It was a lot of fun to roll around the court and learn the certain rules of playing the sport. I personally really enjoyed the partner work and playing the games against the other class.”