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Year 9 Camp


On 25 March our Year 9 students embarked on journeys to Eildon, Goulburn and Yarrawonga to take part in the Outdoor Education Group camps. Over the next five days they took on a variety of roles, working as a group to make the most of the experience. They took part in hiking, camping and either canoeing or kayaking.

Whilst being immersed in this experience, students were able to learn more about the environment and our role in looking after it for future generations to enjoy. Many of the students were pushed out of their comfort zones, and many embraced the challenge to set new personal goals, whether it be hiking to the top of a mountain, paddling for a day, or even just sleeping outdoors for the first time. Overall, the camp was a great success and we thank all who took part in making it such a memorable experience.

Mr Kerrin Smith and Ms Selinna Forward, Year Level Leaders – Year 9

Student Reflections

“Camp was amazing, it was so exciting to explore around the Goulburn River. It was a bit out of my comfort zone a few times, but it was a great experience to push through. There were great meals to eat and it was very enjoyable with a good leader.” Olivia Pope

“Through Year 9 Camp I learnt that working as a team gets things done a lot quicker. I found that there were many challenging things, but it’s worthwhile to push through it. As a group we had a lot of fun.” Lachlan Doran