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Year 9 Camp 1 2022


Year 9 Camp 1  – 16-20 May 2022

South West Victoria

In May, the first half of our Year 9s embarked on their five-day journey to the South West region of Victoria. Students explored the mighty Glenelg River via canoe, mountain biked through the Lower Glenelg National Park and hiked some of the most picturesque coastline along the Great South West Walk, from Nelson to Portland.

Our CMC students immersed themselves fully into the experience, sleeping in tents, cooking their own food over Trangia stoves and braving the tough conditions of the South West. A big thanks to our amazing staff, who led groups and supported students across the week. A truly incredible experience for all involved.

Mr Jack Timmins, Year 9 Year Level Leader

Student Reflections

It was a breath-taking five-day experience, which included three days of extreme hiking through the stunning Cobboboonee National Park, where each student got the opportunity to navigate for their group during the hiking journey. As we witnessed the stunning sunset each evening, all group members helped prepare and cook dinner, with everyone helping wash the group’s cooking gear.
Charles Kealy & Sebastian Rossi

The hiking was very long and challenging for some people, as we had to carry our packs that included all our belongings, food and camp gear, causing us much more difficulties when it came to hills and bumpy tracks. Every day got better as we became more comfortable with our packs and being outdoors. As well as activities we had plenty of time to bond with our group, whether that be around the campfire, at dinner, setting up camp or over the constant leech searches.
Lilly Rule & Zahli Waugh

I enjoyed the nights when everyone was cooking dinner and laughing together, getting to know people I haven’t talked to much before. The challenging part for me was walking with our really heavy packs because it felt like I had bricks on my back, as well as walking further than I have ever walked at once.
Neve Pinner

On camp, we hiked, canoed and went bike riding. I enjoyed the canoeing because it was easy and relaxing. Something I found challenging was the hiking because we hiked for hours with the heavy packs on our backs. My highlight was talking to people I wouldn’t normally talk to.
Hannah Murrell