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Year 9 Art Explorations


During Term 3, Year 9 students have been exploring various art mediums to understand their limitations. Students have used vessel objects to create a still life arrangement and transferred their knowledge about mediums, art elements and principles onto a large scale still life drawing.

“I’ve enjoyed trying new art mediums as it’s helped me open my mind to more products I could use for my art works.” (Lucy Scutt)

“So far, we have learned how to be creative, expressing our pieces in many unique ways. We learnt about different materials that can be used to execute what we want to create. I have enjoyed having the freedom to learn and understand what techniques and materials I prefer to use, as well as using them for our final works.” (Chloe Maher)

“In the Art Room this term, we looked at all the different elements and principles that are used within art and how they can, and are, used in art pieces. We have looked at famous artworks and analysed them, using the technical terms to best describe what the picture is showing us.

“I have enjoyed having the freedom to experiment and try different mediums, techniques and styles when either messing around in my visual diary or creating my final pieces.

“In my discovery, I was surprised how much I enjoyed using other mediums, rather than just grey lead and coloured pencils, and trying out new styles and techniques in making my art.” (Abbey Watson)