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Year 9 Art and Poetry develop creativity


Historical versus Contemporary Art

These striking illustrated historical vessels with contemporary components and media were created by Year 9 Art students. This term, they have been comparing Historical versus Contemporary Art. They have questioned “what is art history?” and studied how art movements are influenced.

Lord of the Flies Acrostics

Three Year 9 classes have written acrostic poems inspired by the novel Lord of the Flies.

In an acrostic poem the first (or other) letter of each line spells out a word, message or title. In this case, LORD OF THE FLIES.

Students used their knowledge from taking part in Literacy Circles. They held group discussions on different aspects of the novel Lord of the Flies. Characters, themes, setting, symbols and events inspired their individual pieces of poetry.


Mrs Karen McDougall, English Teacher


Lost and abandoned

Order once present

Remember when everything was fine?

Distant, distant memories


Of better times

Friends and family now gone


These lingering thoughts

Happiness so fleeting

Exhilarating in the moment


Flickering under the harsh light of the present

Lights so dim yet blinding

I’m truly alone, conversing with my memories

Even the depressed looking plants seem to pity me

Solitude is not for me.


Ruby McEvoy (9B1)



Left to fend for themselves.

Odds were against them.

Rescue is the only hope.

Death was becoming common.


Order turns to disorder.

Fire was the only way to be rescued.


Torture and punishments given.

Help was needed.

Each had their own ideas.


Fear of the beast.

Lack of order and discipline.

Insane and savage behaviour.

Escalating thirst for hunting.

Sadistic actions by the tribe.


Jiya Patel (9B3)



Listening to the music

Ordinary days leaving with the candle still lit

Reasoned to believe the bad things are at rest

Drowned in what is considered happiness


Open to suggestion

Feeling to let in a few exceptions


Tenth time we’ve been here

Hearing thoughts coming in and out

Existing in the back of the subconscious


Flying through different mechanisms

Lying to those closest

It’s too close to realism

Everything is crashing without permission

Sending away the music





Leader of some boys is Ralph

On an Island

Rocks surrounding the castle

Darkness at night


Oceans that isolate the boys

Fear of the Beasty


The plane which crashed

Heat from the fire the boys made

Emptiness from the isolation


Frightened from the boys savagery

Lifeless was how Piggy looked when he died

Islanders become savage

Each of the boys are terrorized

Sounds that scare the boys at night





Loneliness within the deserted island

Order and disorder from the boys

Remote island the boys are stuck on

Dense forest in which Simon finds sanctuary


Opposing options from Ralph and Jack

Fierce hunting of the pigs by Jack


The beast creating fear in everyone

Huts on the beach that give the boys safety

Exciting opportunities for the littluns


Fear from the littluns

Leadership is needed by Ralph

Isolation within the island

Exiled out for friendships

Security from the dangers of the forest





Living on the island was difficult

Oblivious at the beginning

Rescue was still being considered

Determination was soon lost


Order was built but soon forgotten

Fear started to overcome the boys


Troubling times were upon them

Help was not going to come

Everyone was confused


Fire was built in an effort to build a society

Life was not getting better

Impacts of corrupt leadership

Evidently took their toll

Someday, would they be saved?