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Year 8 create gift bags for St Joseph’s


In the last two weeks of school and during the Community In Action days Ms Verbeek’s Year 7 and 8 Textiles students made small textile bags, which were then filled with various handmade toys from Mr Barnes’ classes together with Christmas decorations from Mrs Welch’s classes. The Grade 3/4 Rochester students were given the small bags as a gifts on the final day of school.

“On 1 December, the 8A3 class visited the Rochester primary school students from St Joseph’s. We each interviewed two students about themselves, for personalised handmade cards. It was very interesting and exciting for the Year 8s to meet the kids and hear them talk about themselves. They were all very nice and talkative; although some were shyer than others, they were all really sweet kids.

We decided to make the Rochester kids a card to make them feel special and to wish them a Merry Christmas and a great holiday break. We used watercolour papers to paint cool designs that related to each kid and their interests and wrote special messages. We thank the Rochester community for being so flexible with the spaces they are working in and how kind they were to all of us. We wish the best for the Rochy kids and hope everyone loved their card.”

Maggie Anstee & Easter Tee Klu