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Year 8 News: Final Assembly Achievements for 2019


Our final Year 8 Assembly for the year was held on Tuesday 3 December, recognising student achievements and contributions for Term 4.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

SRC members were thanked for their contributions at assemblies, liturgies and meetings. Together, the  members have been strong advocates for student voice and positive representatives of ideas from the year level.  2019 SRC Year 8 representatives have been: Jett Zeally, Lila Keck, Layne Austen, Oliver Prowse, Mackenzie Webster and Amy Wrigglesworth.

Energy Breakthrough

Members of the Energy Breakthrough teams who recently competed at Maryborough spoke about their preparation, challenges, experience, presentations and successes.  The Junior Team placed third overall and the Senior Team tenth. The following Year 8 students competed in the Junior Team ‘Pulse’: Patrick Hannaford, Ellie Bonnici and Tait Poyser.  Bailey Paynting competed as part of the Senior Team, ‘Oscar Bravo’.

English Language Assistance Program Graduate

Eh Tha Yu Soe was congratulated on her participation and graduation from this program.

English: Most growth in the Renaissance Reading Program for 2019

  • 8A1: Elise Flood
  • 8A2: Riley Seeary
  • 8A3: Layne Austen
  • 8B1: Jye Pittock
  • 8B2: Adele Barber
  • 8B3: Lauren Mackenzie
  • 8C1: Emilia Belleggia
  • 8C2: Max Harrop
  • 8C3: Joshua Kelly
  • 8C4: Layla O’Shea

Music Examinations

Congratulations to the following students completed an Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) music exam this term: Tamara Duane, Sarah Duane, Athena Marek and Trista Hawthorne.

Australian Mathematics Competition

The following students were awarded certificates for their performance in the Mathematics Competition.

  • Distinctions: Sam Breene, Noah Layton
  • Credit: Matisse Sheahan
  • Proficiency: Nikolas Makris, Alex Gooch, Jade Kelly, Darcy Edmiston and Audrey Gargulio.

The Arts

Last newsletter we congratulated Emilia Belleggia on her art work being displayed at Federation Square in Melbourne. On Friday 6 December, Emilia travelled to Melbourne for the exhibition and final awards. Emilia was recognised as a Round 3 winner.

Veritas News

Students have worked in the ‘Maker Space’ on their Design Thinking Project to identify, solve and build a protype for the STEAM component of Veritas.

2019 Wrap

Finally, Year 8 students have been engaged in a diversity of learning opportunities this year. Miss Lewis and I thank all families for their ongoing support and involvement in their children’s education. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with students and their families, to achieve positive outcomes and growth for all students, academically, socially and emotionally.

In the words of Catherine McAuley,  “My heart rejoices at your very great progress”.

Ms Jan Lake, Year 8 Year Level Learning Leader