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Year 8 News


Term 1, Week 2

Student Achievements

Congratulations to Tait Rojewski, Oscar Matthews, Will Buchanan, Felix Barber, Baden France and Zac Petri, all from Year 8 (who along with Lucas Rojewski and Jye Pittock of Year 9) rode from Junortoun to Axedale on February 2 to raise over $1250 for bushfire victims.

The boys planned the ride themselves were accompanied by parents on the day. The boys have elected to directly support a school in the bushfire areas. This demonstrates great initiative, reflecting a strong sense of community and service.


Students have commenced with a tour of the farm, looking at the different types of animals, crops and equipment located in the area. They will then move onto the “Amazing world of Bees”, before looking at Sustainability (Compost & Soil).
A reminder that all students in Year 8 are expected to be in full academic uniform for agriculture classes.

Physical Education

Students are rotating through Speedball, Golf and Badminton this term.


Students are exploring Forensic Science which links nicely with their studies in Veritas, where the theme is ‘A Just Society’.
Students have been discussing the importance of observation in Forensic Science and how an eye for detail is essential when a crime scene is examined for evidence.

Students have just begun work on a case study which will run over a number of weeks. During this time, they will be analysing many different types of evidence, establishing links between suspects and trying to formulate some theories about what may have happened in the case.

Ms Jan Lake, Teacher