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Year 8 News – 22 February 2024


This is a snapshot of what Year 8s are doing in the varied subjects STEAM, Health and Physical Education and French this week.

Please read the important Year 8 Camp reminder below.

STEAM: Students are busily working towards their Engineering Design Project, where they are designing and testing wind turbine blades to use with the STLR kits. They have been learning about renewable energy and the advantages and disadvantages of the many different energy types.

: In Health classes, students are learning about the different types of illicit drugs and the dangers associated with them. Students will also discuss risk reduction and how different types of drugs can affect the body over the short and long term.
In Physical Education, classes are focused on developing the key skills of T-ball, softball and badminton, before applying them to gameplay situations.

: Students continue to increase their French vocabulary in our chapter on Les Animaux – Animals! They are learning how to structure some basic sentences in French by describing some of their favourite animals, as well as improving their French reading and listening skills.


Parents and carers are reminded to complete PAM permission for the upcoming Year 8 Camp at Anglesea. Camp is part of the curriculum, and it is expected that all students will attend.
The dates and advocate groups attending each camp are:

  • Camp 1: Monday 18 March – Wednesday 20 March | 8A1 B1 C1 D1 A3 B3
  • Camp 2 – Wednesday 20 March – Friday 23 March | A2 B2 C2 D2 C3 D3

Please contact your child’s Student Advocate or Year Level Learning Leaders if you have any questions regarding camp.

Mrs Hannah Johnston and Ms Chloe Montgomery, Year Level Learning Leaders – Year 8

(Photos from Year 8 Anglesea Camp 2023)