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Year 8: Middle Ages focus connects Veritas and Science


The Year 8 theme for Term 3 is ‘The Middle Ages, How Nations Were Formed’. This theme of society has been the focal point of most learning areas in Year 8. A highlight of this interdisciplinary learning approach is the connectivity between Veritas and Science.

In Veritas, our students are currently studying the history of ‘The Black Death’; learning how and why the bubonic plague spread through Europe during the 1300s. In the next two weeks they will focus on what we learnt from history and implemented into our own society to prevent diseases entering the country.

In Science, our students have learnt about how bacteria grow and spread, giving them further understanding of how quickly the plague spread through medieval Europe. The highlight has been students making medieval soap and testing its efficiency.

‘We have been testing what soaps and hand sanitizers kill the most germs.” Riley Mannas (8C4)

‘The main components of the medieval soap were pig fat and fire ash that were melted into oil. These were the limited materials medieval society had access to.” Nikolas Makris (8C4)