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Year 8 Food Tech students creating delicious Spanish tapas


During Year 8 Food Technology we spent our hour creating Spanish tapas in teams of four and shared these dishes while taking COVID-19 precautions.

The first dish was Pan Con Tamate otherwise known as tomato bread; this included four slices of ciabatta bread, two juicy tomatoes, olive oil, salt and garlic. The next dish was Patatas Bravas which is a potato dish served with a rich tomato sauce. The last dish we spent our time creating was churro chips with a mocha sauce. To make this a quicker process, we used slices of naan bread in melted butter coated with cinnamon and sugar.

This semester we have made many different dishes. Even with the struggle of some online learning, we still got to expand our knowledge of the kitchen and different ways to create meals for us and our families.

Isabella Makris & Pallas Condon, Year 8