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Year 8 Camp Reflections


Anglesea Camp is a highlight for Year 8 students. In the final week of Term 1 students headed off for their 3-day camp full of adventure and fun times together.

“Year 8 camp was a great camp because we got the opportunity to go surfing and do many other activities like canoeing, crate stack and orienteering with our friends. The weather wasn’t the best but the facilities were great, along with the dorms and the wonderful nature around the camp area. The activity I enjoyed the most was surfing; learning how to surf and the instructors where great. I learnt how to get up on the board.” Ben Wallace

“This year I went on the Year 8 Anglesea Camp. It was a great camp where we tried many new activities such as surfing, canoeing, orienteering, volleyball and many other activities. It was so much fun hanging out with our friends by the ocean. The weather was a little bit cold and rainy at times, however it did not affect the activities or our camp experience. The YMCA staff were helpful in encouraging us to experience something new, even if we were hesitant or nervous to try it. Overall it was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time.” Kiara Clarke

“Year 8 Camp was a memorable experience. It was a great opportunity to try new activities and learn many new things. The food was delicious, the activities were fun, everyone seemed to have been having an awesome time. My favourite activities were surfing, canoeing, fishing and crate climbing. Everything was great, although, it was a bit cold for the beach.” Tahlia Backman

“During Year 8 Camp we got to partake in many exciting events that pushed us from our comfort zones and allowed us to become more confident in ourselves and try out different things. During the first day my group participated in the vertical challenge and orienteering, during which my group and I found ourselves lost without any way of finding the set markers. The vertical challenge was terrifying at first but once you completed the first obstacle it was all about making it to the top rather than being scared. Surfing was my favorite activity as it was thrilling to stand up and watch the beach rush towards me. We also played a game called GaGa, went for a swim and did a canoeing challenge. Camp was full of excitement and adventure.” Daisy Perley