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Year 8 Camp – Anglesea 2023


In Week 8, Year 8 students attended camp at Anglesea in two groups. Each group enjoyed three days and two nights away.

Anglesea Beach lies next to the mouth of the Anglesea River and fronts the town of Anglesea. The beach is 400 metres long and curves in a south-to-south-east facing arc between the usually closed river mouth and the eroding rocks and cliffs in front of the bluff-top Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club.

This picturesque coastal environment provides the setting for students to participate in a variety of physical and mental challenges, and the opportunity to explore varied activities and set personal goals.

Staff were impressed by the students’ persistence and willingness to support each other during the activities. We thank all staff for giving up their time with family to allow this camp to go ahead. We also thank students for their participation and cooperation.

“We went to Anglesea YMCA camp. We did fun activities like the giant swing and surfing. We created friendships with our peers. We enjoyed the giant swing because it was exhilarating and thrilling. Also, archery was fun because we played games and had a competition.” Tully & Jack

“Year 8 Camp was a very adventurous experience. We got to go to the beach and surf. Many of the activities were fun and enjoyable. Most of the experience pushed me out of my comfort zone.” Mannix

“Year 8 Camp was a great experience for me. We got to do lots of fun activities that I had never done before. Year 8 camp was a great place to make new friends for future years.” Maurice