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Year 7 start to term


So far this term, Year 7 students have been thinking about how to be more positive, how to stay safe and have realised that the Year 12 students are about to leave school to begin the next chapter of their lives.


Some of the Year 7s are ecstatic to start Term 4, but a lot of us are dragging our feet and wishing it was still the school holidays. However, in our mentor groups we are learning not to do that, but to have gratitude, empathy and to have mindfulness.
In Physical Education we are learning how to be safe in and out of the water by learning how to do such things as CPR when people drown. In only a week and a half we have learnt so many interesting things, I wonder what the rest of the term will bring!

Gabby Storey

A letter to Year 12s

Dear all Year 12 students,

We hope that all your exams are going well, we are so grateful that we can have you guys in our lives to help us, show us what is possible and to be our life mentors.

We are proud to say that you are from Catherine McAuley College. You have set a great example for the younger generations to come. Each person from every year level is sending you all good hopes and prayers. Every teacher, whether they have taught you or not, is so proud of all of you, we all believe that you go on to do spectacular things.

Amelia Dixon

Year 7s and Year 12s together before Opening Mass