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Year 7 programming, coding & robot handling


During Term 4, all Year 7 core classes went to the Bendigo Tech School at La Trobe University. While we were there we learnt how to code, program and played with different types of robots.

When we first got to La Trobe, we were sorted into groups of even numbers. From there we were taught basic programming and coding. After we understood the basics we were handed a robot from different types – one of them named Codey! We found out about the programming and coding behind the robot and how the robot works.

After playing around with the robot, we moved on to a large project where we created a prototype for our chosen mission. The mission that we chose was about a woman who had an issue with trying to keep a secret from the public while trying to move in enough supplies for her to make five cars. Our group made a car that carried large briefcases filled with shrunken supplies, so nobody could see them, which were then enlarged back to their actual size.

We all loved the experience at Bendigo Tech School and can’t wait for the next opportunity to go back.

Athena, Eh Tha & Jessica