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In Ag we have been learning about occupational health and safety. We were required to show an understanding of this before we were able to work with the animals. We learnt how to care for and handle our cattle safely and respectfully. We are now learning about grain (such as wheat, barley and rye. This is good for people who would like to learn about the environment. This also shows what grains are better for the land and better for the environment.

Evan Cole, Yr 7

Food Technology

On Tuesday 17 March, 7B1 made Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls in Food Tech. It was really fun because we got to wrap them up and create them the way we wanted.

We all loved the taste, and it was one of the best cooking pracs yet.

Tessa Skipper, Yr 7


Year 7 Art and Design students (7A2, 7B3 and 7C3) have completed their ceramics unit.

As an introduction to clay forming students made a strawberry, learnt to join clay by adding on the ‘calyx’, the little green cap above the fruit and used tools to create the seed texture. Works were painted with englobes and after bisque firing a copper carbonate rub was applied.

Each class then moved on to making a double pinch-pot lemon, onion or garlic and a pear. Form, colour and tone were explored. All students recorded their making processes in their visual diaries.

Mrs Louise Richardson, Teacher