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Beginning life at Catherine McAuley College

Before we started Year 7 we were nervous about starting high school.

It was challenging remembering your lock number and finding your way around the school. It was hard getting the books needed for the classes that you had.

Now it is getting easier to remember how to get to classrooms and be on time with all the right books for class. Although the work is becoming more challenging than what it was at the start.

We have learnt heaps of new things. We have met lots of new friends from different schools. I feel more comfortable with the way around the school, the timetable and my lock.

The Opening Mass was a different experience for some people, we even met some new Year 12s. We had to sit down for a really long time which was very difficult.

When we walked into the Cathedral, I felt anxious and excited at the same time because there were so many people crammed in there.

Alexia and Carter, Year 7