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Year 7 News – 2 June 2022


As part of their Veritas class, students participated in a field trip to the Bendigo Creek where they explored the ‘Frog Ponds’ and ecosystem. The field trip focussed on the geographical skills of sketching and analysing the environment. This was part of their major assessment for Veritas.

On Friday our students participated in the commissioning of the Catherine McAuley FIRE Carriers. Well done to Aaliyah Greenwell, Jemma Carter, Hugh Nihill, Maserati Eddy, Ruby Bath, Melanie McLean, Beatrice Monzon and Mrs Pawsey who made the commitment to ignite the way for reconciliation.

Our new top oval has been used for some PE classes and will be slowly opened to the remainder of the school over the coming weeks, Year 7 students enjoyed improving their soccer skills on the new surface.

Please keep in mind that Year 7 students have been starting several of their assessment tasks in class over the past two weeks and will need to be organised to submit their work by the due dates. We are aware that students will need support with these assessments and encourage students to reach out to their teachers asking for help.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Cara Pawsey & Mr Lachlan Murdoch, Year 7 Year Level Leaders

Ms Gina Giblin, Year 7 Interdisciplinary Learning Leader