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Year 7 Encounter Day


Last Thursday our Year 7 students participated in their Encounter Day with the focus being ‘Feeling Well in Our Community’. They learnt about many different things including mental health; resilience and the different varieties of relationships. We wish our Year 7 students well as they participate in the Community in Action Program later this week to finish off their first year at Catherine McAuley College, here’s a flash back to their first day! Below are some recounts from our Year 7 students.

Yesterday was an amazing learning experience, our day was divided into 3 groups, they were community, mind and body. Community was based on listening, bullying, values of relationships and also how your tone of voice can change in arguments. Mind was about breathing strategies, growth mindset, resilience, if someone is being mean to you it probably means they are having a bad day. Body was about learning our reproductive systems in boys and girls. We had a reflection at the end of the day and had to write down questions that were answered the next day.

Maddy, Delilah and Kendall

The Year 7 Encounter Day was a good experience. We learnt a lot. In the community session we learnt about bullying, the values of friendship and did a couple of activities. In the mind session we learnt about breathing strategies, growth and fixed mindsets, also good things to say in different conversations. In the body session we learnt about the anatomy of female and male bodies. The teachers couldn’t have managed or organised it any other way it went really well.


It was an interesting day. I got to learn things and new breathing exercises as well as calming techniques but I also learned about body language, talk, tone of voice in community.