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Year 7 Camp “Awesome!”


Our Year 7 students spent three days at Camp Weekaway in Lancefield, taking part in lots of outdoor activities, indoor entertainment and simply getting to know each other better. Some of our Year 7 girls have shared their thoughts about camp:

“Year 7 Camp was so much fun. Some of the activities we did were canoeing, raft building, possum glider, crate stack, maze, hut building, mountain bike riding, making damper, mapping and yabbie person.

The meals we had were good; we had lasagna with vegetables, pancakes, chicken wraps, roast with vegetables and we also had morning tea, afternoon tea and supper – biscuits and cordial.

At CMC idol we saw people showed a talent that they had. The teachers performance was very funny and then Mr Vanis showed his performance for the Bendigo Theatre Company.

The cabins were really good but we weren’t in there for long. We saw a lot of kangaroos and we saw a koala on our night walk.

On the last day of camp we played a game called Yabbie Person, which was a relay race where we did different activities such as canoeing, hat building, throwing obstacles, wheelbarrow race, balloon race and egg and spoon race.

All in all, Year 7 Camp was awesome and we all had a really good time!”

Jorja Sargeant, Ella Balic, Chloe Smith, Caitlin Evans, Madeline Ryan and Sophie Giles.