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Year 12 Retreat 2024


In the second week of term our students attended the Year 12 Retreat. Lifelong memories were formed and this was a beautiful way for our students to connect with each other and their faith in preparation for the year ahead.

Below are some reflections from our students:

“Retreat was a really great time spent getting to know our fellow classmates and teachers better. It was easily the best school camp/retreat that I have been on. Some of the highlights included hearing Craig from the soup van speak, the trivia night and also taking part in the boys faith session.”

“I wasn’t sure what I thought retreat would be like. Retreat turned out to be different, in a good way. It was beneficial for myself and many others. The faith circle that occurred on the first night was one of the most eye-opening, emotional experiences I’ve had in school. People could get things off their chest that were bothering them. While it was called a faith session, it could have easily been called a mental health session because of how good it was for our mental health, both for people sharing and people listening. The trivia night was also a highlight. It was run incredibly well by Archer, Henry and Dan. They made it an interactive night for everyone. Students who I’ve never really heard from before were singing and doing limbo and the vibes were just good. Overall, a really good experience and a good time with mates.”

“One thing I took away from retreat was to always treat everyone with respect and check on your mates because you never know what someone is going through behind closed doors. I really enjoyed the trivia night, spending time with my friends and reading the letters from home written by loved ones, Retreat was a very eye-opening experience and a time I will never forget.”

As Year Level Learning Leaders, we look forward to the journey ahead and seeing all of our students reach their full potential, both academically and personally. As discussed on the retreat – anything is possible, the world is their oyster.

Mrs Jo MacDonald and Mrs Kate Watts