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Year 12 End-of-Year Arrangements



Dear Parents, Carers and Year 12 Students,

We are moving towards the conclusion of what can only be described as a calamitous two years for our senior students.

As we have mentioned on countless occasions, supporting their challenges and struggles has been a priority and we pray that, in the next month, they will achieve the deserved fruits of their hard work and perseverance. In time there is little doubt that this cohort will be regarded as the one most challenged by the pandemic and the constant lockdowns and change of learning settings.

We will continue to work to ensure that the supports that have been generated to acknowledge their hardship are just and fair.

All our Year 12s are to be commended for the maturity and respect that they have demonstrated on their return. Please remind them that it is critical they use every additional learning opportunity that is provided in the coming weeks, and extra essential learning classes can now be accessed as the guidelines have been tempered a little.

As stated to the students, their continued access to the College is our priority and every measure and contingency will be taken to ensure that they can remain at the College without interruption and attend the exams and revision classes until the end of the year.

It is important that everyone understands the pressures that can result from a lapse in focus. Many students are vaccinated, that does not mean that they are immune from COVID. It does not mean that we can relax and start socialising normally out of school time. As stated to the students at their year level assembly, we need them to maintain their discipline, so they benefit from the opportunity of being on-site and getting real support through the next six weeks. There are currently several positive cases in Bendigo, and we remind our students to avoid any potential exposure and endeavour to minimise their movements for the time being.

This update is to keep everyone informed of the various dates and key events that are planned, pending COVID-safe regulations in place at the time. Any events that are not mentioned in this information sheet are not College endorsed, nor are they College organised events.

If further adjustments and opportunities do present, we will have contingencies ready to change the schedule and way we can acknowledge the cohort.

Once again, the specifics are not clear in the guidelines, and this makes it very difficult to make concrete arrangements. What we can confirm, noted recently in communications home, is that there will be a Graduation event, and the final arrangements and conditions will be circulated as soon as we have all the details. The current plan for Graduation is outlined below.

In the meantime, we need to capitalise on the opportunities that we have and ensure that students benefit from the opportunities that have arisen due to COVID in the tertiary sector. Thankfully we have the GAT and the completion of the course work as a reference point.

Mr Brian Turner, Principal

Please download the PDF below for full end-of-year information.