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Year 11 Retreat


Year 11 students took part in the annual Retreat on Thursday 29 August. The girls were hosted by Flourish Girl and the boys were hosted by The Man Cave.

Year 11 Girls
Last Thursday the Year 11 girls were bussed out to the junior campus for our Retreat. I had no prior expectations, but it was definitely a rewarding day.

First, Mandy – the founder of Flourish Girl, explained to us what the day was going to be about and what the company Flourish Girl strives to achieve. They are an organisation that works to empower young women to become ‘unstoppable’ adults. Their focus was on how we want to see ourselves at the end of the Retreat, if there is anything that we can change in ourselves to become better people and become our true selves.

We were split into groups and participated in many different activities where we were given opportunities to connect with each other and ourselves on a deeper emotional level. The biggest thing that we learnt was that as girls, we are all going through similar things in our lives and it is easier than you think to reach out when you need it.

After the Flourish Girls left, we joined up with the boys and had the option of two different creative art activities. We were part of the spray-painting activity; it was really fun because most of us had never had any experience spray painting before. The day ended with a dinner of wok noodles which were so good.

Overall, Retreat was an awesome day, filled with really rewarding experiences and that started an important conversation for all of us girls.

Holly Jeffrey, Meg Ritchie & Elicia Mulvahill

Year 11 Boys
For the boys, the Retreat had a focus on masculinity, mental health and wellbeing, with the catchphrase of ‘how to be a better man’. Through a series of games and workshops which involved ‘team’ bonding, the boys enjoyed talking about the things males ‘aren’t usually supposed to talk about’, such as their emotions and life challenges. The Man Cave made this day extremely beneficial for Year 11s, by giving us the opportunity to connect with our peers on a different level than we are used to doing.

After the boys and girls finished their respective days, we met back at Coolock Campus to reflect and socialise about our new insights and understandings. An unbelievable day was had by all and a special thank you to all the staff and people who made the day possible.

Will Edwards & Abe Sheahan