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Year 10s host Year 9s at Extended Investigation Expo


On Monday 28 October the Year 10 Extended Investigation classes invited all the Year 9s to come from Coolock to view their research projects. Assembled in the Marian Gym, students were first spoken to by Ruth Ford, a Humanities Lecturer from La Trobe University about the value of research skills in the modern workplace.

As the morning progressed, Year 9 students moved between the class stations, speaking with the Year 10s about the process of research and their chosen fields of expertise. The Year 10 students were able to demonstrate their practice using a variety of presentation skills including digital medias, brochures and posters, helping to highlight to their Year 9 peers the weeks of work they had undertaken.

The morning provided a wonderful opportunity for the Year 9s to engage with some of the St Mary’s program and campus, in preparation for their upcoming transition during Headstart.

Ms Kym Wilton and Mr Colin Hogan, Year 10 Year Level Leaders