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Year 10 News – 20 June 2024


Our amazing Year 10s have had an exceedingly busy term. They have been embracing all of the many and varied opportunities on offer.

Semester 1 is coming to a close. Subject assessment reporting is being finalised by all teaching staff. Subject changes for Semester 2 have been completed and student timetables will soon be distributed with a new array of subjects to study. The Year 10 examination week is a very busy week of academic preparation and performance.

Year 10 Camp preparation is well underway.  Information has been distributed about the camp and students have completed their interest/activity preferences.  We are very much looking forward to an exciting Year 10 Camp week. Camp 1 is from Monday 22 July to Wednesday 24 July; and Camp 2 is from Wednesday 24 July to Friday 26 July.

It is great to see our Year 10s getting involved and representing our CMCB community in a variety of positive ways. We are reminded to ensure that we live the 3 B’s – Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Kind – every day, both in our classrooms and the school yard, but also in the wider community, as we represent our school, ourselves and our families as we engage in so many wonderful experiences.

Mrs Lisa Darlow and Mr Paul Warner, Year Level Learning Leaders – Year 10