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Year 10 Mindshop Excellence students become ‘executives’ for a week with Bendigo Health


Acting as company ‘executives’ for a week, four Year 10 students took part in the Mindshop Excellence 5-day work-based program. Maya Scott, Noah Dutton, Ayesha Hoey and Megan Cuskelly worked as a team, using powerful problem-solving tools to solve an issue for Bendigo Health.

“The Mindshop Excellence Program was an incredible experience for my team and me. We partnered with the Bendigo Health Information Technology department. The Program taught us many things about ourselves and we learnt how to cooperate as a team. We also learnt essential organisation, planning and research skills. These will be useful for the rest of our schooling career and the challenges we face when we leave school.

“Seeing how big corporations run and solving issues was very rewarding. We were responsible for ourselves with little guidance from the adults. Managing our own time within the week allowed us to work independently. We could get as much work done as we thought we had the ability to do.

“The concept of ‘hiring’ teenagers is to bring new and innovative ideas to the table. Our Mindshop partnership was very worthwhile for both Bendigo Health and the students.”

Ayesha Hoey, Year 10