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Working together for improvement in learning and teaching



Feedback helps us improve. The following quotes by St John Henry Newman were in the Kennington Parish Bulletin last weekend, “To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often” and “Nothing would be done at all if one waited until one could do it so well that no one could find fault with it”. These references call us to understand that we continue to strive for improvement. This means change, and this is often challenging. Whether it be improving as a person, a plumber, a doctor, a teacher, or an organisation, change is challenging, and consistent feedback is critical.

Our staff have been working with students throughout the year to gain valuable feedback relating to their teaching and impact on student learning. Students provide feedback at different stages of the semester and staff, with a supportive mentor and their class, then target particular areas for improvement. They co-design strategies to target their areas for improvement and many of these have been rolled out in classes during the year. The follow up survey (student feedback) provides valuable information regarding improvements that have been made and help identify other areas of focus for future improvement. This is an ongoing cycle. Our students have been open and honest in their feedback and we thank them for their maturity throughout the process.

As a College, we welcome feedback from staff, students and families. Often this is positive and frequently we are called to do things better or differently. We value your input and welcome this constructive communication. We are currently updating our Grievance Process for all in our community, to incorporate the Mercy Education Family Code of Conduct that will be released next year. This code seeks to provide consistent expectations and a process for providing feedback. It asks that we work together in community to identify areas for improvement, whilst living our College Mission and our Mercy Values.

Thanks to Mr Len Watson and Mrs Sharna Frawley for their work as Acting Deputy Principal and Acting Director of Pastoral Care whilst I was away last term.

Mr Tim Edwards, Deputy Principal – Coolock