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Woodworkers complete major hands-on task


Our Year 9 Woodwork class finished its busy year on Tuesday. Most students had completed their chessboards already, using their biscuit-cutting and gluing/clamping skills, then finishing with belt sanders, orbital sanders and a coat of oil.

The major task was a folding stool. This involved extremely careful measuring, followed by sawing, planing, drilling, finishing and sanding – just to make the components! Assembly required even more skill, aligning and fitting fifteen different parts, using glue, nails and screws. Students finished their work with fine sanding and a coat of Danish Oil to produce a beautiful, compact and useful product.

“I really enjoyed how the students had good energy working in the room,” said Technology teacher Ms Kate Verbeek. “The biggest compliment a teacher in this subject can have, is for the students to take their work home – and that’s just what they’ve done.”