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Winter Arts on show at CMC!


The Catherine McAuley College annual Winter Concert was held on a brisk Thursday evening, on the eve of the last day of Term 2.

This showcase event had students from both campuses performing solos and ensembles from a range of genres including classical, jazz, big band, pop, rock and heavy metal!

The event was a resounding success with students performing the pieces brilliantly and entertaining a packed house of families and staff.

Our music program allows students to achieve success on a broad variety of instruments and in many styles.

Families also had the opportunity to view a gallery of our senior arts students’ folio work in the Marian Foyer at intermission.

Congratulations to all of the students and staff involved, as many hours of dedication go into these events so that they can present such polished products for their enraptured audience.

Well done.

Mr Matthew Angove, Learning & Teaching Director – St Mary’s