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Wearing the CMC uniform with pride


Wearing the College uniform correctly is important for students to establish a sense of belonging and engagement with the College community. The uniform promotes equality amongst all students and enables them to participate fully in school life. For all students, wearing the uniform correctly should be a reflection of both self-respect and College spirit.

Catherine McAuley College has a clear set of Uniform and Dress Code Expectations, which cover the correct wearing of our uniform and includes accessories, hair, jewellery and makeup. The Dress Code allows the College to set and enforce reasonable standards of dress and appearance for students.

In response to some valid parental feedback and to support students being in the correct uniform, some changes have been made to the Uniform Policy and the Uniform Breach Procedure recently. These documents can be found in Simon/PAM under Knowledge Banks.

The main changes relate to the times when the sports uniform may be worn and the consequences for breaching the Uniform Policy.

Simply put, the sports uniform may only be worn for practical classes such as Physical Education, practical Agriculture, Outdoor Education or Drama, Building & Construction and dance. Attending a sports trial or representing the College as part of a sports team are other reasons for wearing the sports uniform. Other exemptions may be approved from time to time by the Campus Director.

There may be isolated occurrences where a student is not able to be in uniform. If this is the case, parents/carers must provide written communication outlining this, so that an approved uniform pass may be issued. Any student who is out of uniform without permission will be followed up as ‘unapproved’ and families will be notified.

Reflection Rooms have been introduced at both Coolock and St Mary’s for unapproved uniform breaches. Further infringements may lead to an escalation in response as per the Uniform Breach Procedure.

The College is committed to supporting all families with respect to wearing the correct College uniform and will provide greater consistency of consequences in following up students who are in breach of the uniform expectations. Families experiencing difficulties meeting uniform requirements should contact their child’s Student Advocate and will be referred to the Student Wellbeing Team for assistance.

Please refer to the FAQs below to find out more.

Mr Matthew Smith, Director of Campus – St Mary’s and Mrs Cara Pawsey, Acting Director of Campus – Coolock