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Waste Wave


Waste Wave is an evocative work created in Year 9 art by Elise Long.


Waste wave is about the amount of waste in the ocean. There are some horrifying things that people are predicting will happen and that are happening now. By 2050 there is meant to be more waste in the ocean then there are fish. Sea turtles are supposed to have up to 74% of their diet to be plastics. There are already garbage patches formed in the ocean and more growing. 

The artwork that I have done, is a painting that uses different mediums and is of an ocean wave with waste as the main focal point. 

The intended message that I am trying to convey is that if we keep going the way we are going, like littering, that our waves are just going to be waste/rubbish that this could be our future unless we stop it.

My piece has a still calm water with blue sky, no rubbish and seagulls then slowly blend into a wave that is harsher and, full of rubbish with a seagull that has rubbish hanging from it.

My piece uses watercolour, gouache, dry pastel, acrylic, crayons, fine liner. It also uses cool colours like blues, tone to go from the light blue to the dark blue in the sky and ocean. I also used layering to get different colours and to make the rubbish muted and duller. Rhythm was used because of the sense of the wave moving and the rhythm of the ocean. 

What made me chose my topic is that I love going to the beach and swimming in the ocean but every time that I go there is always some rubbish in the ocean and it makes me feel sad and disappointed in the world.

I learnt that you could overlap different mediums and it can make it look like a bumpy texture and, I also found out that overlapping watercolour and gouache blends.

I would display this piece if I had room in my bedroom because I have lots of paintings that have a seascape and oceans hanging in my room so it would fit perfectly with my other paintings.