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Wanyarra Field Trip for Year 7


As part of their Term 2 Veritas Unit, Wanyarra, Year 7 students went on a field trip to the Bendigo Creek. This unit of work is a study of creation and our personal connections to the natural world. It provides an opportunity to learn more about Ancient Australia and acknowledge that the traditional owners have cared for country for thousands of years.

The students visited Wanyarram Dhelk (Frog Ponds) to observe the regeneration of the creek to how it was before mining and to learn how the traditional owners cared for their waterways and land. They contrasted this with the concreted Bendigo Creek near Lake Weeroona, which was originally designed to remove sludge and was not originally a waterway. Students sketched, annotated and keenly took note of their surroundings.

It was an excellent opportunity to explore our local community and many students commented that they wish to return with friends and family to re-visit the site.

Mrs Sarah Cody